Sunday, 1 May 2011

Update 4

I really must do these more frequently. I say this in perfect knowledge that I will not follow through on the sentiment. You see, what’s nice about doing progress updates infrequently is that I can just select my favourite pieces, rather than expose my most distinguished readers to the tat which comes with the fluctuating success of an artist-in-training’s pieces. Perhaps I’d better leave such judgements to others.

As the assessed academic year rounds to a close, I have just finished a digital painting of Bradgate Park. I’m really pleased and a little bit proud of the result.  I’m proud because it shows in so many ways how much I have improved since starting the course. You only need to look at a vaguely similar environment piece I did just months before starting the course. It’s also the first piece I got a real sense of “I’m  not trying to paint exactly what I see, but painting to give the impression of what I see”. This way of thinking really works for me – trying to represent what I see exactly bogs me down in exact details, and the piece as a whole suffers. See for yourself – before and after the first year:

I’ve also made leaps forward in 3D. When presented with small, manageable steps, it’s easy not to notice the total distance covered.  But looking back, my understanding has developed, I’m more efficient and accurate at modelling and my texturing has developed from “slap a photo on it” to something that actually looks pretty good (I think!)

My latest piece was completed as an art test for a summer job I’m applying for. Regardless of whether I get the place, the brief was a good one, and I’m pleased with the result – I hope I’ll still be using it in my portfolio when I finish the course. See for yourself the differences between a model I made before the course, and my latest piece:

With no more assessed work, I’m not sure what’s planned for the next academic term; possibly nothing. Which would be a shame, but at least I could use the time to develop the areas I’d like to improve in. And then there’s the summer job I’ve just applied for. Stay tuned for what happens next!

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